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“Dr. Berntsen is so gentle. He tells you what he is doing and makes sure you’re comfortable every step of the way. I never have to wait more than a few minutes to get in, even if I don’t have an appointment. His office is warm and welcoming and his staff is friendly and immediately put me at ease.

Dr. B’s adjustments are always comfortable and his heat and electrotherapies help to loosen up the muscles in my back before he adjusts me. He is also 6 and a half feet tall and has no problem working on a larger body which is great for me since I’m 6 ft. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced, ethical, expert chiropractor in the East Portland area.”

- Vanessa B.

“The staff was friendly, caring, and compassionate. I’ve been struggling with neck and shoulder pain from a recent car accident, but after seeing Dr. Berntsen I feel so much better.”

- Conor B.

“I have been a loyal customer of Larry Berntsen (Berntsen Chiropractic) since early 2006. I strongly recommend him for treatment after a car accident or general treatment. He has excellent staff, and a great level of personal care.”

- Chris L.

“Dr. Berntsen is one of the most gentle chiropractors I have ever visited. He listens to your concerns. He spends enough time with you to ascertain the problem. He is an excellent communicator. I would recommend him to any and all!”

- Jamin R.

“I have a terrible fear of chiropractors, having had several bad experiences and having trust issues with my body from abusive situations in my past. “Dr. B” is a gentleman who is also a gentleman. I enjoy his calm, quiet, friendly manner of speaking as well as gentle, considerate adjustments. He’s easy to communicate with and will try different methods of adjusting to me that make me less fearful. The office itself is nice, although if you have allergies it can be dusty inside. The front desk lady speaks Spanish and is very conversational with whoever is in the waiting area, although, if you are shy and anxiety-prone as I am, you may find her a little in-your-face and the only anxiety-producing part of the visit. I strongly recommend you try them! He also has a friend who is a great medical massage therapist I see around the corner. :)”

- G.U.


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